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FIRGELLI® have been developing TV Lift mechanisms for 20 years, the industry has grown in general significantly, and the more it grows the more we are doing to offer more products to meet the growing needs of customers that want to now drop TV's from the ceiling or slide it out sideways from a wall. Here is a range of Blogs and articles related to the field of TV Lifts. We are particularly proud of the Outdoor TV Lift cabinet we now offer, this is a fully integrated Outdoor TV Lift system that allows you to watch TV using a regular indoor TV outside on the patio, by the Hottub or pool, or even used in trade-show applications to grab peoples attention. There are also articles here on how to build your own cabinet and many other blog posts that may inspire you to create something for yourself.

Recent Blogs

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正在尋找一種創新的方式來隱藏你的電視?為什麼不創建一個隱藏的酒吧, 而你是它, 讓他們都由遙控器操作! 房子崩潰者這樣做,在這個自定義裝修使用菲爾蓋利產品。 看看吧!