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Gear Motors and Accessories
齿轮马达及配件 In Stock
From $0.50USD
MB7 Micro Motor Bracket
MB7微型马达支架 In Stock
On Sale $3.00USD
Micro Gear Motor
微型齿轮马达 In Stock
On Sale $14.99USD
迷你伺服 ESC 测试仪
迷你伺服 ESC 测试仪 In Stock
电动天花板翻转式电视支架 In Stock
From $210.00USD
Outdoor TV Cabinet
户外电视柜-内置电视升降机 In Stock
On Sale $3,495.00USD
Force shut off safety system for a Linear Actuator
过流保护系统 - FA-POCT In Stock
Firgelli Robots PS2 Thumb Joystick Controller
PS2拇指操纵杆控制器 In Stock
Spare Remote for 2CH-REM System
RC5 - 2CH-REM 系统的备用遥控器 In Stock
On Sale $12.00USD
Universal Remote Control
通用遥控器 In Stock
On Sale $4.00USD

我们为任何运动控制应用(而不仅仅是线性执行器或旋转执行器)应用提供大量电子硬件部件选择。有关完整列表,您还可以查看我们的机器人网站 菲尔盖利机器人


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