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SMT Test Socket - SOIC-8 Narrow Breakout

SMT Test Socket - SOIC-8 Narrow Breakout

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SMT Test Socket - SOIC-8 Narrow Breakout


This test socket is good for any SOIC/SOP Narrow 8 pin chip in a 150mil wide body. Simply press down on the top, place the chip in carefully and then release to latch the chip in. The chip is held securely against gold Fingers in the socket. 200mil or wider chips will not fit, but we do have other sockets for medium/wide SOIC chips.

The socket is soldered onto a pair of PCBs that turn it into, essentially, a 16 pin DIP with 0.6 inch spacing that can be breadboarded fairly easily. Since the socket is a 16 pin socket that has been sectioned off to be only 8 pin, there are 16 pins in the breadboard, simply use 4 on each side and ignore the other 8 pins - they do provide mechanical stability when plugged into a breadboard.


* 33.2mm/1.3" wide x 36.3mm/1.4" long x 31mm/1.2" high (closed w/header pins)
* Fits 8-pin 150mil wide SOIC/SOP
* Broken out into 0.6" wide 16 pin breadboard spacing