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18" Stroke 35 lb Linear Actuators 12v

18" Stroke 35 lb Linear Actuators 12v

Firgelli Automations


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These Linear actuators 12v have a 18 inch stroke and 35 lbs force rating and are ideal for home and automotive automation projects, they are easy to install run on 12v dc power and offer great reliability. We have many more stroke options available and many forces and speeds. These Linear actuators 12v can be used in so many applications that if you operate them with our remote controls or manual switches you will be amazed at how easy they are to operate.

These Firgelli Automations light duty line-up of Linear actuators 12v, Ranging from 35 – 200 lbs. (15 – 91 kg) of force include built in limit switches, manufactured with high grade aluminum, and coming in various stroke lengths, this is the beginning of most home automation and product automation enterprises.

 Keeping with our promise of peace of mind and ease of use, we carry heavy-duty, clevis-type brackets which fit via quick release pin on either side of the units; alternatively we also offer brackets which will attach to the body of the Linear Motors, giving you more flexibility in the placement of the unit while reducing the amount of custom fabrication that you may require to have all your components of an assembly work in cohesion. MB1 Mounting Brackets are used with these Linear actuators 12v

All of our units are CE and ROHS certified, and come with a 12 month mechanical warranty to keep your units serving you best. Our company values revolve around providing quick and friendly customer service that will follow your experience with our products and staff

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