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Speed Controller for Linear Actuators in Both Directions

Speed Controller for Linear Actuators in Both Directions

Firgelli Automations


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Speed controller for linear actuators. Want to control your Linear Actuator motor or DC gear motor speed? then this is the ideal product to do that. This will adjust the speed by adjusting voltage down to as low as 3vdc but still maintain the same current draw for the actuator or motor. Please note this speed controller can change the speed in both directions via 2 adjustable knobs.

Includes black case

*Available in December

The Firgelli Automations Speed Controller allows you to control the speed of our FA-RMS, FA-PO-35, FA-PO-150, FA-35-S, FA-RA, FA-150, FA-240, FA-04, FA-05, FA-200-L, FA-400-L, FA-1000-L, FA-TR-35  and and all our gear motor products.

Designed using a motor controller and high frequency Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) you are able to control the speed of your Actuator/Motor in either direction with minimal impact on the force output.   The speed controller will allow you to slow the actuator down, but not increase the speed beyond the speed at which it runs with no controller.

The FA-SC2 is intended to control the speed of one Linear actuator or motor, Do not connect two actuators/motors to the same FA-SC2. The slowest the actuator/motor will run is about 10% of the full speed.  Reducing the speed can affect the maximum load the actuator can move.

  • Model # FA-SC2  

  • Power could be DC: 12 ~16VDC .

  • No loan output current : 250mA .

  • Stand-by current in armed state : lower 37 mA

  • PWN Signal: 10KHz
  • Output Voltage: 12 V

  • Output Current: 0 to 10 A

  • Dimensions : 80mm x 70mm x 1.6mm

  • Operating Temperature Range : -40 to + 80 degrees C

Line 1 – connects to one of the

       wires coming from your

       switch or remote control system

Line 2 – connects to the other

       wire coming from your

       switch or remote control system.

Motor 1 - connects to the red

        actuator wire

Motor 2 – connects to the black

        actuator wire

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