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12 Volt DC Battery

12 Volt DC Battery



Any project requires power so if a plug in power supply is not convenient then try a Battery instead

Unlike conventional batteries available in the market today, the Firgelli Automations battery was specially designed to be used with linear actuators and their control systems. Perfect for applications requiring extended periods of intermittant use, the unique design presents benefits such as:

  • 6" L x 2.5" W x 4" H

  • Maintenence free - Throughout the life of the battery, no maintenence is required since due to the leak proof, sealed design

  • No memory effect - The Firgelli Automations battery does not have the issue of losing energy potential after repetitive use

  • Low Self-Deischarge Rate - Suitable for applications with extended periods of no use, the self-discharge rate of the Firgelli Automations battery is less than 10% of the industry standard

  • Long Service Lift - A thick calcium grate provides contributes to an extended battery service life of over 15 years

  • High Discharge - Specially designed to meet the needs of rigorous use with linear actuators, the low internal resistance increases the discharge rate of the unit. 

  • Wide Operational Temperatures - Whether the Firgelli Automations battery is slated for indoor or outdoor use, the team of engineers behind it had extreme climates in mind. Rated at a temperature of 20°C, and tested at an operational temperature ranging from -5°C to up to 50°C when fully charged.

  • Buy our EL-KIT for Connectors, Fuses, wiring etc to connector your Linear Actuator to these Batteries

  • Model # FA-BATTERY-12V

Linear Actuator 12v dc Battery

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