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      Our Full-extension ball-bearing Drawer Slides (sometimes called guide rails or slide rails) are specifically designed to be compact, quiet, and exceptionally smooth under high loads. This makes them suitable for a host of drawer-hardware applications, such as cabinetry or sliding heavy components discretely out of sight. Capable of carrying heavy loads over long-stroke extensions, our telescopic drawer slides offer the longest stroke options in the industry and the most weight handling capacity. 

      How do you choose which slides are best suited for your application? There are 3 options to consider. Firstly the extension length, then the weight capacity, then the mounting location. Our drawer slides have 10 different extension options and can carry up to 400-lbs of weight. In addition, they can be side mounted or under-cabinet mounted.

      Whether you're building drawers or pull-out shelves, these slides can be put to use anytime you need smooth, guided motion. These slides are perfect for any high-load applications in any cabinet. They come pre-greased, so all you have to do is install them. Thanks to our universal mounting design, installation is easy.

      Need help with your installation? We have created a helpful "Basic installation instructions pdf"

      How do you choose the right drawer slides? This article may help

      Features and Benefits

      • Load Rating: 400lb vertical (181KG)
      • 50lb (horizontal)
      • Telescopic design (Full extension) - They extend further than the closed length. 
      • Max stroke extension - 50" (inch). For 60" extensions go to: long extension HD drawer slides
      • Mounting: both sides
      • Separate into 2 parts using the built-in lever to separate making installation easier.
      • Cold rolled steel grade 235 with stainless steel ball bearings
      • Exceptionally smooth and quiet
      • Full 32mm hole pattern
      • One set includes two drawer slides
      • What are the different types of drawer slides? Visit an article we wrote titled "What are the different types of drawer slides"
      • How do you install drawer slides? Read our blog post on "How to install Drawer Slides"
      • For Locking drawer slides click here

      Need more weight capacity? We also carry "Heavy Duty Drawer slides"

      Model # Retracted Length Extended Length
      250MM-10ZN 10" 20"
      300MM-12ZN 12" 24"
      500MM-20ZN 19.5” 39.5”
      600MM-24ZN 23.5” 47.5”
      750MM-30ZN 29.5" 59"
      800MM-32ZN 31.5” 63.5”
      850MM-34ZN 33.5" 66.75"
      900MM-36ZN 35.5" 70.75"
      1000MM-40ZN 40” 80”
      1250MM-50ZN 50” 100”
      Drawer slides Demo Video

      Drawer Slides/Guides Comparison Video
      Technical Drawings

      Click on the drawer slide that you want to download the dimensional drawing for

      250MM-10ZN 10" Slide Range 10" Step File
      300MM-12ZN 12" Slide Range 12" Step File
      500MM-20ZN 20" Slide Range 20" Step File
      600MM-24ZN 24" Slide Range 24" Step File
      750MM-30ZN 30" Slide Range 30" Step File
      800MM-32ZN 32" Slide Range 32" Step File
      850MM-34ZN 34" Slide Range 34" Step File
      900MM-36ZN 36" Slide Range 36" Step File
      1000MM-40ZN 40" Slide Range 40" Step File
      1250MM-50ZN 50" Slide Range 50" Step File
      3D Model Downloads (.STEP)

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