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FIRGELLI® Rotary Actuators are DC powered with a reduction ratio gear head attached to the motor to increase power and create Torque and decrease speed so that the rotary motion is more usable in a controlled environment. A DC motor on its own is not particularly useful, which is why a Gearbox is required to slow the RPM down from what could be several thousand to a few hundred or less.  Each time the speed is geared down, then the torque and power are increased to become useful in everyday applications such as being able to open and close flaps/doors, or lift and drop things. The possibilities for Rotary Actuators are endless.  We offer a range of Gear motors for many different applications and have created a Blog post that talks about the different types of Rotary Actuators in detail to give you an understanding of how they work and what they do.

Read Blog post on What is a Rotary Actuator and how they work. 


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