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FA-GM6-3V-25 Micro Motor Mini Motor
FA-GM6-3V-25 Micro Mini Motor In Stock
$17.00 SGD
Gear Motors and Accessories
Gear Motors and Accessories In Stock
From $1.00 SGD
MB7 Micro Motor Bracket
MB7 Micro Motor Bracket In Stock
On Sale $5.00 SGD
Micro Gear Motor
Micro Gear Motor In Stock
On Sale $21.00 SGD
Motorized Ceiling Flip Down TV Mount
Motorized Ceiling Flip Down TV Mount In Stock
  • Recommended TV Size: 19" - 70"
From $283.00 SGD
Firgelli Robots Mini Stepper Motor Drive - 500mA
Stepper Motor/Relay Driver In Stock
$9.00 SGD
Our electric gear motors range from tiny 6mm diameter Micro motors, to larger worm gear motors. These Micro motors run on 12vdc and are suited to consumer electronics and Micro Robotics and use a planetary gearbox.Ā  Our larger electric Gear motors are suitable for the heavy lifting type of applications.

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