Assembly Video for the Firgelli E-Desk 2-Leg sit stand mechanism

How easy is it to assemble a sit stand Desk mechanism

Want to see how easy it is to assemble one of our 2-Leg Sit stand Desks lifts ? watch this short video clip to see exactly how easy it really is. 

Each 1, 2, & 3 Leg Sit stand desk lift mechanism comes packaged all in one box. Pieces are clearly labelled to make the assembly process even easier. The instructions are included but this video really shows how easy it is. We will have a separate video for the 3 leg assembly too.

Remember to add your own table top to our mechanisms. We suggest Ikea because they deliver right to your home or office and have a huge range of desks tops for under $100. Our electric standing desks will work with any of these Ikea Desk tops and any other make also. 

If you would like an L-shaped Desk you would simply by the motorized 3-leg Sit stand desk mechanism, and buy either 2 regular desk tops or a specific L-shaped Desk top from Ikea or places similar. Our Mechanisms are adjustable enough to carry any table top that meets your needs as we developed the Standing desk mechanism to have enough flexibility to accommodate such tops. 

If you are looking at outfitting an entire office floor full of these mechanisms we are also able to customer the color of these sis stand desk frames. For order quantities over 20 pieces we can pick a color that matches your office décor. Our standard colors are black and grey, and we hold ample inventory of each at any one time.

You can view all our Standing Desk mechanisms here


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