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5V Relay Module 4 Channels
5V Relay Module - 4 Channels Out of Stock
HK$195.00 Sold Out
Firgelli Robots 6DOF 3-axis Digital Compass
6DOF 3-Axis Digital Compass In Stock
Firgelli Robots Arduino Mega 2560
Arduino Mega 2560 In Stock
Firgelli Robots Arduino Mega Sensor Shield V2.0
Arduino Mega Sensor Shield V2.0 Out of Stock
HK$139.00 Sold Out
Firgelli Robots Arduino Pro Mini Board
Arduino Pro Mini Board In Stock
Firgelli Robots AWG28-20 Wire Crimper
AWG28-20 Wire Crimper In Stock
Firgelli Robots Deluxe Temperature Adjustable Soldering Iron - 60W
Deluxe Soldering Iron - 60W In Stock
Firgelli Robots Enameled Copper Wire by Spool
Enameled Copper Wire by Spool In Stock
From HK$325.00
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We carry a large selection of Electronics Hardware parts for any motion control Application not just Linear Actuator or rotary Actuator applications. For a full list you can also check our Robotics website Firgelli Robots



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