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Micro Motors - Miniature and small DC Micro Motors

Specialty 12v Micro Motors

Our 12v Micro DC motors are ideal for that microrobot or industrial electronics product. Our 6mm Micro DC Motor has been developed just for us and has a straight shaft with a flat for connecting to objects easier. 12v electric Motors are not easy to come by at our price level, it's our volumes that get us there and this helps everyone. Our 12mm Gear motors have a large range of speed torques and gear ratio's with long shafts for easy attachments
FA-GM6-3V-25 Micro Motor Mini Motor
FA-GM6-3V-25 Micro Mini Motor In Stock
£11.00 GBP
Micro Gear Motor
Micro Gear Motor In Stock
On Sale £13.00 GBP
Gear Motors and Accessories
Gear Motors and Accessories In Stock
From £1.00 GBP
MB7 Micro Motor Bracket
MB7 Micro Motor Bracket In Stock
On Sale £3.00 GBP
Micro Pen Actuator with Feedback
Micro Pen Actuator with Feedback In Stock
  • Stroke 20–100 mm
  • Force 4–22 lb's
£111.00 GBP
Micro Pen Actuators 12v
Micro Pen Actuators 12v In Stock
  • Stroke 20–100 mm
  • Force 4–22 lb's
£111.00 GBP
F12 Micro Linear Actuators In Stock
  • Stroke 1–6 Inches
  • Force 4.4 lb's
£57.00 GBP
Micro Actuators
Silent Micro Linear Actuator In Stock
  • Stroke 25–200 mm
  • Force 22 lb's
£61.00 GBP

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