Using both a Switch and Remote at the same time with Linear Actuators

There are some situations in which having 2 control inputs can be useful: say you want the flexibility of a remote control but also a manual rocker switch as a back up. This tutorial goes over the steps required to make the wiring connections for 3 different types of user input control of linear actuators. 

Remote Control and Rocker Switch

Remote Control and Rocker Switch

To use both a remote control board and a rocker switch, make the above connections. Please note that the orientation of diodes is very important. Diodes effectively act as one way valves, this ensures that the remote control circuit board cannot be damaged when the rocker switch is used. As annotated in the wiring diagram it is important you use the remote control in momentary mode (see tutorial on using the remote control) and that you use a momentary rocker switch, not a sustaining one. If you try using both the remote and the rocker switch at the same time, the actuator will not move. 


Two Rocker Switches 

You may have a situation where two rocker switches are required to move your linear actuator. For example in a basement trapdoor you may want one switch on the ground floor and a second switch in the basement. To achieve this make the wiring connections as shown in the above diagram. We recommend using momentary switches so they reset once you release. If you try to send opposing commands at the same time from each of the switches the actuator will not move. 


Remote Control and Rocker Switch without Diodes


 The first wiring diagram demonstrated how to connect both a remote control unit and a rocker switch to the same actuator using diodes to protect the remote control. While we advise using this previously demonstrated menthod, the same can be achieved without diodes if an additional latching switch is installed as shown above. The latching switch will choose which of the two controls send a signal to the actuator. If the latching switch is open then the remote control will move the actuator, alternatively if the latching switch is closed then the rocker switch will move the actuator.


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