AC to DC Power Supply 12v 30A

      AC to DC Power Supply 12v 30A

      Model #FA-PA-12V-30A-IP20

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      Choosing the approriate power supply

      This 12V DC power supply is the most popular way to power home automation or custom prototype applications. The Firgelli Automations power supply is a simple and easy approach to bringing 12 volt motion assemblies to life. Compatible with any device that requires 12v DC input.

      Inductive load type so ideal for high current start-up actuators like the Deluxe Rod, Heavy Duty Rod or Industrial Actuators.

      MODEL FA-PA-12V-30A-IP20
      OUTPUT VOLTAGE 12 Volt
      CURRENT RANGE 0~30 Amp
      POWER 360 Watts
      EFFICIENCY 81%
      OUTPUT VOLTAGE RANGE 12 - 13.2 Volt
      INPUT VOLTAGE RANGE 90 ~ 132 VAC/180 ~ 264VAC 
      FREQUENCY RANGE 47 ~ 63 Hz
      INPUT CURRENT 6.5A/115V 4A/230V
      INRUSH CURRENT 25A/115A 50A/230A
      OVERLOAD PROTECTION 105% ~ 150%
      TEMPERATURE -10-50 ℃ 
      TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT ±0.03% (0~50 ℃)
      VIBRATION 10 ~ 500 Hz, 2G 10 min/ 1 cycle
      SIZE 215mm x 115mm x 50mm
      WEIGHT 2.1 lbs. 
      Technical Drawing