Snow Blower Chute Deflector using linear actuator for John Deer or Kubota Snow Blowers

Snow blower linear actuator chute deflector

Typically the OEM John Deer systems are expensive, or if your blower didn't come with the Chute adjustment actuator, then you can add it on simply with these items. 

snow blower chute deflector kit

We recommend using our 4" stroke 150 lbs. force Linear Actuator along with the protective Rubber Boot that comes in 2 parts. This is simply to protect the Actuator from water. Best to install the actuator with shaft facing downwards.

snow blower chute deflector kitsnow blower chute deflector kit

The complete list of parts is below along with links to buy each product. We separated each part out in case you don't need all the components

1. 4" Stroke snow blower chute Linear Actuator 12vdc. choose the 150lbs force model

2. Protective Rubber boot for Snow Blower Actuators These are only $9 but will protect the Linear Actuator. 

rubber boot for snow blower chute deflector

3. Toggle switch with up and down settings. For these switches you have the option of either the sustaining model or Momentary mode. We recommend the Momentary style, this acts like the window lift switch in your car where when you let go of the switch the Actuator will stop moving. If you prefer the momentary option, this will also work perfectly fine, the Actuator will simply go to its full stroke and stop automatically. 

Toggle Switch

4. EL-KIT. This Electrical wiring kit is specific for Linear Actuators. It includes wiring, some connectors and Fuse Blocks. At the bottom of this page we will share a link on how to wire up the Actuator with the Toggle switch

Wiring for Actuators

The Toggle switch has a 11.5mm dia neck for an under dash style installation. We suggest drilling a 12mm dia hole through your dash somewhere and then mount the switch from underneath. The Toggle switch comes with a threaded nut and washer and face plate to go over the top.

The Linear Actuator will typically connect using the existing holes in your Snow blower chute body. If you have to drill new holes you can use these pictures to give you an idea where to drill them. Note the same principles apply for Kubota and any other Snow Blower Chutes. 

snow blower chute deflector kit

If you wish to use our Actuator mounting brackets (MB1) but remember to allow the Bracket to swivel as the Actuator opens and closes. To do this only use the 1 hole on the base of the MB1 bracket and attach to the chute with a washer in between to allow it to rotate a few degrees during operation. These MB1 Brackets fit on both ends of the actuator. 

linear actuators

 Tutorial on how to wire up a Linear Actuator to a Toggle or Rocker switch





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