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TV Lifts - Drop Down TV Lifts - Pop up TV Lift Mechanisms.

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Firgelli Automations TVL-170 Rear Mount Pop-Up TV Lift
TVL-170 Rear Mount Pop-Up TV Lift In Stock
  • Stroke 25–36 Inches
On Sale From $500.00 USD
Firgelli Automations TVL-180 Floor Mount Pop-Up TV Lift
TVL-180 Floor Mount Pop-Up TV Lift In Stock
  • Stroke 30–39 Inches
On Sale From $590.00 USD
Drop Down TV Lift
UTVL-200 Series - Drop Down TV Lift In Stock
  • Stroke 30–50 Inches
On Sale From $650.00 USD
outdoor tv cabinet
Outdoor TV Cabinet - With built in TV lift In Stock
On Sale $2,995.95 USD
Electric Swivel TV Mount
TV Electric Swivel In Stock
On Sale $90.00 USD
DIY Drop Down TV Lift Kit In Stock
  • Stroke 12–50 Inches
From $350.00 USD

Pop Up TV Lifts.

There are two types of TV Lift Mechanisms, Pop-up and Drop-down Lifts.  The most popular are the Pop-up TV Lift system whereby the Lift and TV are remotely brought up into viewing area, and lowered when not in use. Usually they are located within a Cabinet that then pop up into viewing sign with the touch of a button.  Within these pop up TV lift mechanism options, there are two further types to consider. Those are Floor mounted and rear mounted. The difference between the two are nothing more than the way each TV Lift if mounted into your application. Mounted to a floor of some type or rear mounted to the back of a cabinet or even a wall. 

Our TV Lifts are all extremely quiet and remotely controlled. Every Firgelli TV lift is designed with both homeowners and professionals in mind, to provide the most cost effective and ease of integration solutions available. All of this, combined with no lead time on orders, make us the #1 choice for professionals across the world.

pop up tv lift

Drop Down TV Lifts

If you need to drop a TV down from a ceiling or cabinet, then you need a drop down TV lift mechanism.  Our Drop downs are universal so they fit any size TV and because our stroke options are so large, you are then able to drop a TV far down enough into viewing height to make a very comfortable viewing angle.
Designed with no exposed tracks, gears, scissors or cables, each model includes full protection by providing a great warranty and simple integration.  The versatility of our TV lifts make it an excellent space saving enhancement for boats, planes, RV's and homes. Need something custom made? Give us a call and lets see what we can do.

drop down tv lift

Connectivity options for Smart Home Automation Integration

Need to control your TV Lift mechanisms via a home Automation system such as Control 4?.  the Firgelli TV lift mechanisms make this simple to do because our Lifts have both IR RF and manual switch controls.  You can either program your system to use the same IR HEX code or open the switch controller and use the same pin out wires to control the lifts directly. Contact our Tech department for help with this if required. 
TV Lift smart controls