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Firgelli Automations TVL-170 Rear Mount Pop-Up TV Lift

TVL-170 Rear Mount Pop-Up TV Lift

In Stock
On Sale From $500.00 USD
Firgelli Automations TVL-180 Floor Mount Pop-Up TV Lift

TVL-180 Floor Mount Pop-Up TV Lift

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On Sale From $600.00 USD
Drop Down TV Lift

UTVL-200 Series - Drop Down TV Lift

In Stock
On Sale From $650.00 USD

Outdoor TV Lift Cabinet

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On Sale $2,599.95 USD
Electric Swivel TV Mount

TV Electric Swivel

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On Sale $90.00 USD

DIY Drop Down TV Lift Kit

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From $350.00 USD

Our TV Lifts are available in Pop Up and Drop Down versions

Great for keeping TVs hidden in a wall, ceiling or cabinet while being ready for viewing at the touch of a button.

Our efficient TV Lift column technology is far superior to rack and pinion lifts scissor mechanisms or actuator TV Lifts, that tend to be overly complicated with poor reliability and noisy operation.

Designed with no exposed tracks, gears, scissors or cables; each model includes full protection by providing a great warranty as well as lifetime phone support. The versatility of our TV lifts make it an excellent space saving enhancement for boats, planes, RV's and tiny homes.

Need something custom made? Give us a call and lets see what we can do.

    Linear actuators and switches

    Popular products and accessories.

    Our Products

    We have an extensive selection of high-quality linear actuators for every project from DIY home automation to heavy-duty, industrial applications. Models include heavy duty, bullets series, mini, high speed, tubular, feedback and premium series. We stock 12 volt linear actuators and some versions in 24 volt with all available in a variety of forces and lengths so there’s always one to fit your unique requirements.

    Our premium DC actuators are IP66 rated making them dust and water resistance, great for environments that require enhanced corrosion protection. For situations where you may need to move a heavy load, our industrial series is capable of pushing thousands of pounds with ease. We also have our mini and bullet series for those projects where space is limited. No matter which model you choose, all units are quality tested and precision engineered for efficiency and performance with a 12 month warranty including same-day shipping.

    Blumen Lumen art installation

    Blumen Lumen art installation 2014

    Industries We Serve

    Our 12 volt actuators are used in many different applications from DIY hobby projects, home automations, marine & automotive, robotics & animatronics, installation art, experimental fashion, handicap accessibility, industrial and construction machinery.

    We’re always excited to discover what our customers are doing with our products.

    A recent customer converted a vehicle into a fully armored one and required a stronger lift for ballistic glass with a thickness of 39mm. They chose to use our deluxe linear actuators as the best lift because of the strength and reliability our products are known for. See Ballistic Window

    We love hearing about projects that help to improve the lives of people living with a physical handicap. We’ve had a customer use one of our electric actuators to modify a wheelchair to allow it to adjust angles making it adapt to more situations such as improving balance on hills and overcoming side walk curbs. See modified wheelchair

    TV lifts are a popular home automation application and with our TV lift kits, many of our customers are able to easily setup a motorized, remote-controlled mechanism to hide or showcase a large TV with minimal cost and effort. How to setup tv lift.

    Not only have our products contributed to the practical, we’ve also seen our them used in creative art installation projects. Premiered at Burning Man 2014 by San Francisco art collective ­— FoldHausBlumen Lumen was an art installation that used our DC actuators to create “a garden of ten giant origami flowers that bloom in the presence of people and move with the wind, creating a magical experience for their visitors”.

    Remote control devices, arduino and wires

    Remote control devices, arduino and wires

    Our Accessories

    Whether you’re looking to create a remote-controlled, motorized sliding door to let your cat out on the balcony or you need to adjust the angle of your snow blower shute and blade with a push of a button to save downtime, we carry all the components to make it possible. Our selection includes mounting brackets, power supplies, control systems and many more.

    Linear actuator with external limit switch

    Restricting motion with external limit switches

    Our Resources & Tools

    We understand that integrating linear motion into your project can be a challenging task, that’s why we continuously developed new resources to help you complete your project. Our repository of resources includes informational articles, tutorial blogs, instruction manuals, technical drawings, product specification sheets and 3d files. 

    If you’re a beginner and would like to know how to wire a linear actuator to a switch or remote control, interface actuators with Arduino or use any of our other products we have a comprehensive collection of tutorials.

    Selecting the correct specifications from our broad range of 12V linear actuators can be a bit overwhelming so we’ve developed a free web application to calculate the position and strength required to lift a hatch door with our electric actuators. Based on the data you provide our web application will handle the complicated physics to calculate the optimal mounting positions while recommending the exact actuator. This is the same tool we utilize in house to help customers with their projects and now we’ve packaged it into a powerful and user friendly web based app. See our Linear Actuator Calculator