RC5 - Spare Remote for 2CH-REM System

      RC5 - Spare Remote for 2CH-REM System

      Model #RC5

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      how to use remote control with linear actuator

      Additional remote fob for the 2CH-REM System

      The two channel remote control fob is for those who have a two channel remote control system from Firgelli Automations for their linear actuator, and need a spare or replacement. This fob is only compatible with our two channel remote control system.

      *1 remote only


      To program more remotes you press and hold the button on the circuit board, you will have to open the case first. Hold the button for a few seconds until the red LED flashes. Then press any button on each of the remotes you want to program, 1 at a time, so if you have 4 remotes you need to program all the remotes, even if they were already programmed, and just press any one of the buttons on each remote. Then remove the power from the receiver and plug it back in again. Now all remotes should work with the receiver.

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