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Extended 12V Premium Linear Actuator
Premium Linear Actuators In Stock
  • Force 35–200 lb
  • Stroke 1–30 Inches
$129.99 USD
Firgelli Automations Bullet Series Mini Linear Actuator
Bullet Series Mini Actuators In Stock
  • Force 20–110 lb
  • Stroke 1–8 Inches
From $160.00 USD
Firgelli Automations Deluxe Rod Linear Actuator
Deluxe Rod Actuators In Stock
  • Force 100 lb
  • Stroke 3–36 Inches
From $149.99 USD
Firgelli Automations Classic Rod Linear Actuators
Classic Rod Linear Actuators In Stock
  • Force 35–200 lb
  • Stroke 1–24 Inches
$109.99 USD
Firgelli Automations Feedback Rod Linear Actuator
Feedback Rod Linear Actuators In Stock
  • Force 35–200 lb
  • Stroke 2–12 Inches
$139.99 USD
Firgelli Automations Tubular 6 Inch Stroke Linear Actuators
150 lb Tubular 9 Inch Stroke Linear Actuators - No Slot In Stock
  • Force 150 lb
  • Stroke 9 Inches
On Sale $65.00 USD
 Heavy Duty Rod Linear Actuators IP66 water and dust resistant version
Heavy Duty Rod Actuator - IP66 Rated (Dust and Water Resistant) In Stock
  • Force 200 lb
  • Stroke 5–60 Inches
From $229.99 USD
Firgelli Automations Heavy Duty Rod Linear Actuator
Heavy Duty Rod Actuators In Stock
  • Force 200–1000 lb
  • Stroke 3–30 Inches
From $129.99 USD
Firgelli Automations Heavy Duty Track Actuator
Heavy Duty Track Actuators In Stock
  • Force 200–400 lb
  • Stroke 10–60 Inches
On Sale From $229.99 USD
Firgelli Automations Sleek Rod Tubular Linear Actuator
Sleek Rod Tubular Linear Actuators In Stock
  • Force 40–150 lb
  • Stroke 3–30 Inches
$129.99 USD
Premium Actuators
Linear Actuators

Linear Actuators for every application.

For 2 decades Firgelli has been developing electric linear actuator systems and motion control products for just about every Industry on the planet. We began developing micro linear actuators for the robotics industry, and then increased our product range to include track actuators. Followed by feedback actuators in the form of potentiometers, hall sensors and more recently optical feedback linear actuators, that offer enhanced control capabilities and superior resolution. 

When selecting the correct dc linear actuator for your application you need to consider speed, force, voltage and stroke. As such we offer the largest range of each variant, to give you the most options possible. If you need help selecting the correct product for your application you can try our Linear Actuator Calculator. This will really make your search much easier, saving you time and money.

We carry many 12 volt actuator types from industrial heavy duty to our mini series:

Linear actuator accessories

Linear Actuators - Firgelli Automations of America

Our Linear Actuators are 12-24V, with forces from 3lbs to 2,200lbs. Strokes 1" to 50". Remote control options. Largest Inventory in the USA with shipping globally.  See all our Actuators above or use our Actuator calculator to help find what you need. You can also call or email us for technical help. 

Linear Actuators need controllers to make them move. The easiest way is a switch, but controllers such as an Arduino are essential for more complicated Actuator motion control, especially if you wish to implement a more automated system, then using a micro-controller Arduino are essential. 

For situations where a wireless setup is needed, we carry an assortment of wireless remote control systems. Relays are essential if you need to integrate remote control linear actuators with existing third-party devices. If you must forgo all wires and cables then you might need an external power supply, we have a variety of plug and play power sources and batteries.

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Resources and Help

We have split up our resource pages into two sections. Firstly our Blog page has hundreds of useful articles from the very basics link "Linear Actuators 101" to more detailed and advanced engineering articles such as "How to achieve Synchronized motion".  

Our other big resource section is our Tutorials page . Here we get much more specific with some actuator controlling features for more advanced users and applications. If we don't cover anything that suits your needs then you can always call out tech team at 1-866-226-0465 or email us at support@firgelliauto.com and please feel free to send us drawings, sketches, napkin notes or whatever you have that may help us help you.