Heavy Duty Rod Actuators

Heavy Duty Rod Actuators

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      Technical Drawings


      These Heavy Duty Linear Actuators come in a variety of forces from 200lbs up to 1,000lbs force and strokes from 3" to 30" or custom strokes, if requested. They are a worm gear drive mechanism which means they are very quiet and offer a high efficiency as a result.

      CAD models of this actuator can be found under Resources/3D Files. For further information review the specifications and technical drawings down below or visit our tutorials page for instructions on how to use this actuator with switches, remotes, speed controllers, and Arduino. 

      Note: 200 lbs force in only available in 3", 6" and 8" stroke

      The Heavy Duty line was developed with high standards in mind. Our clients demand the best quality and performance for their money, inspiring us to come up with such a rugged design. This versatile unit features an aluminum shaft to shed weight, internal limit switches, an aluminum alloy inner tube, as well as a high performance 12 volt DC motor which is capable of producing between 200 and 1000 lbs. (90-453 kg) of force.
      No matter your application, installation doesn’t need to be a hassle. Required components consist of just two brackets, one for either side, with quick release pins for easy fitment and set-up. Controlling the unit is just as easy via a 2-wire system, making this unit a ‘plug and play’ type accession unique to Firgelli Automations.

      Model FA-200-L-12-XX FA-400-L-12-XX FA-1000-L-12-XX
      Dynamic Force 200 lb 400 lb 1000 lb
      Static Force (backdriving threshold) 225 lb 450 lb  900 lb
      Speed ("/S) @ Full Load 0.8" 0.4" 0.2"
      Duty Cycle 20% at 100% load, 50% at 25% of load ,5mins max. continous use
      IP Rating 43
      Screw Type Worm Gear
      Input 12v DC
      Max Draw 5 A
      Operational Temperature -26°C/65°C (-15°F/150°F)
      Limit Switch Built-in (factory preset)
      Safety Certification CE
      Bracket(s) MB3 or MB3U


      Stroke Retracted Length Extended Length Weight STEP Files
      3" 9.88" 12.88" 4.5 lbs FA-(F)-L-12-3
      6" 12.88" 18.88" 5.1 lbs FA-(F)-L-12-6
      8" 14.88" 22.88" 5.3 lbs FA-(F)-L-12-8
      9" 15.88" 24.88" 5.5 lbs FA-(F)-L-12-9
      12" 18.88" 30.88" 5.9 lbs FA-(F)-L-12-12
      15" 21.88" 36.88" 6.1 lbs FA-(F)-L-12-15
      18" 24.88" 42.88" 6.7 lbs FA-(F)-L-12-18
      24" 30.88" 54.88" 7.4 lbs FA-(F)-L-12-24
      30" 36.88" 66.88" 8.2 lbs FA-(F)-L-12-30

       *Stroke length tolerance +/- 0.125"

      Technical Drawings
      Heavy Duty Actuator Tech Drawing
       Performance Graph

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      Heavy Duty Linear Actuator Review

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      Heavy Duty vs Premium High Force Linear Actuator

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