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Supporting Boat Hatches, Shipbuilders, and Marine Enthusiasts with Linear Actuators

Electric Remote Control Boat Hatch LiftOver the past twelve years, Firgelli Automations has had the opportunity to supply a few thousand clients with linear actuators for applications including boat hatches, steering controls, anchors, and many more marine uses.
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Linear Actuator Basics, so how does a Linear Actuator work

Are you new to actuators? Have you just learned what an actuator is? You're not alone, and we're happy to help! This page is for you, and we will try to include all the information we can that you need to make an educated decision when selecting what actuator is right for you. Also, we will be sure to update this article regularly with any information we think will be helpful. 

inside a linear actuator

How does a linear actuator work

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RC Power Wheels Project for a Disabled Child

Actuators and Power WheelsThe selfless and noble mission undertaken by the loving family of an equally loving and upbeat young man with cerebral palsy. They helped improve his quality of life by the combination of a power wheels truck, an actuator, and some real engineering skill.
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How to Install a Linear Actuator - Making Chores Easier

At Firgelli Automations, we understand that most people aren't used to wiring motors or other electronics besides plugging a charger into a wall outlet. The following video was created to prove just how easy it is to install and operate a linear actuator.
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Blumen Lumen - High Tech Art Featured at Burning Man 2014

Actuators and ArtStanding nearly 20ft tall, the flowers had to be as strong as they were beautiful. When buffeted with up to 60mp/h winds the folded structure of the flower buds held up impressively. The arid climate of the desert did not interfere with any of the mechanical workings of the masterpiece, and the linear actuators supplied by Firgelli Automations were not compromised by the wind or heat of the extreme environment.
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Welcome to the Firgelli Automations Blog!

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