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Actuators: Everything you need to know

Actuators are not the trendiest subject to be written or talked about in the same way that artificial intelligence (AI) and automation have grabbed the world's...

IP Rating: In Depth Guide to IP Ratings

IP ratings are given to any product that requires electricity or has moving parts or both. The IP rating contains a range of information within...

How to Build a TV Lift Cabinet - For under $300

Want to make the perfect TV Lift Cabinet? Have you found the perfect spot for your TV but don't want it showing all the time?...

What are the Different Types of Drawer Slides?

There are many different types of drawer slides available on the market for, some are a very simple Ikea single wheel cheap and cheerful style,...

Recent Blogs

what is an actuator
What is an Actuator?
How do actuators transform energy into mechanical power?  This blog post will explain how different types of actuators transform different types of energy into linear...
John Deere Tractor Actuator for Sleeve hitch
John Deere Tractor Actuator for Sleeve hitch

How do you make a height adjustment mechanism for a John Deer tractor or any other farming equipment machine using a Linear Actuator.  Check out this...

Home Automation Robotics for kids

Home Automation for kids. Watch this 7yr old make her chores easier by adding a remote control linear actuator to lift...

Firgelli Automations and the "Internet of Things"

How Firgelli Automations is developing IoT ready motion products

hidden Kitchen Appliances - appliance lift
Hidden Kitchen Appliance lifts using Linear Actuators


What this very simple project to lift a Spice rack out of a granite kitchen counter top. the Linear Actuator simply sits in the...

Electric Linear Actuators with Feedback Sensors
Electric Linear Actuators with Feedback Sensors

So how does a Linear Actuator with positional control work, and what options are there for positional control. We go over them all for you.

R2D2 Gripper uses a Firgelli Linear Actuators

The Star wars Robots require many linear actuators and motors to make them move the way we see in the...

Need Help Finding the Right Actuator?

We precision engineer and manufacture our products so you get direct manufacturers pricing. We offer same day shipping and knowledgeable customer support. Try using our Actuator Calculator to get help picking the right actuator for your application.