The Firgelli APP for Android and IOS users !!!

 Firgelli has been around since last 14 years. The Brand was invented by our Founder Robbie Dickson who designed and manufactured the first Linear Actuators ever to be sold online and made available to the general public. The brand is recognized as been a global provider for TV Lifts, Linear Actuators and many other products to support a huge range of industries and applications. We have a huge inventory of Actuators to fit every purpose and are always developing and designing new models continuously

'Firgelli is a dependable source for trusted names such as NASA, SpaceX, General Motors, Tesla Motors, General Atomics, and many more. The applications of our products extend from TV lifts and automated furniture, to armored vehicles, all the way to advanced air-brake spoilers for supercars.'   - Robbie Dickson, CEO 

Phones and shopping, no better combination .We’ve successfully moved this sometimes-addiction from the desktop to the smartphone.Now you can buy Firgelli products directly from its new IOS and Android apps. You can easily download the app , get access to our store.Here you can directly check all the available products, market price of the products. You can virtually see all the product images, their diagrams and buy a suitable product as per your requirements. User can get 3D view of all the products, check videos before shopping their needed product.Online purchase of our products is made easy here with multiple card options.Both the apps are easy to access and user friendly. You can download the app from below links.

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