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TV Lift Project: Using a Track Actuator in an Custom Cabinet

One of our customers wanted to replace their old TV, TV Lift, and counter top on their boat. Check out the videos and pictures of their project where they replaced an old style round TV lift designed for a large CRT style TV. The entire project cost about $11,000 including the Firgelli lift and floor mount stand.

Steps in the project included:

  • Remove old lift cabinet and lift mechanism
  • Remove two cabinet sides that supported gear racks for older Lift
  • Install sound and heat shield
  • Install Firgelli lift and wiring
  • Fabricate and install new counter top.



This is the old counter, TV cabinet and TV that needed updating. The old lift was an older rack and pinion model that limited width to 21".

The silver material on the floor is automotive sound deadener and heat shield. TV cabinet floor is 3/4 plywood located above engine room.


Here is the new actuator and lift installed behind the cabinet.



If you have a project you would like to share with us, we would love to hear from you. Email your project and photos to

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