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Drop Down TV Lift Project


Do you want to impress your guests with Drop down TV lifts? Then you are at the right place. You will not only save space but you can also maintain a beautiful view without covering it with television.  We provide you with every solution. Our drop down TV lifts are wireless with no wires and cables or racks or pinions that can lead to damages. Our robotic mechanism with programmable upper and lower limits and are very quiet and smooth to run. This TV lifts are made for easy installation into the cabinetry, AV rooms, ceilings or anywhere where automatic lifting systems are required. The remote control works without the line of sight and can be used anywhere in the house, because it is specially equipped with infrared signals. So you don’t need to be present in front of the Drop TV systems for it to start.

Our lifts are designed to attach any kind of flat TV. They have bracket on the bottom or wood panel when they are to be lifted from the ceiling. The accessories attached to the Drop down TV systems are very simple and adaptable so that LED, LCD and PLASMA TVs can be attached to this particular Mechanism. Two brackets are used to attach the column which is required to lift the TV into the Attic space above the ceiling. The installation consists of few parts like the actuator, switch box, control box and RF receiver, they all are plug types. These are equipped with remote controls for simple operations that operate on radio frequency.

 Our mechanism is CE and UL approved that guarantees the fulfillment of all the safety requirements and norms. Once installed you simply press a button on the remote, and then down pops your TV for viewing. These systems looks very neat and stunning and wow your friends. They look very elegant and classy, so you can watch all the movies you like with a hint of luxury and spaciousness.  Our system can be added to your existing home automation devices too using a contact closure box that we sell separately. You are just one click away to a fully automated Drop down Television System.

Drop down tv lift

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