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One Page Instructions:
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Remote Control wiring diagram for Track actuators using Firgelli Automations 4CH-RC system

(OPTIONAL.. you can control the track actuator with the included hand controller,
or see CSPSRCMS for plug and play wireless control for track actuators.)

What you need:
2 x HFV4 relays
1 x 4CH-RC system
1 x Track actuator
1 x 12VDC power adaptor (about 500 milliamps)

1. The purpose of these instructions is to replace the wired remote with our 4CH remote control system.

2. Remove the wired handset from the track actuator, you can do this by desoldering (or snipping) the wires where they connect to the board inside the hand controller (see diagram). This will allow you to re-wire the handset up again

3. Strip the bare wires from the wire that you have just cut, refer to the labels on the board. You will see 4 wires connected to the board, write down the color of the wire that connects to each solder tab on the board. There will be two labeled M, one labeled VSS and one labeled VDD. The M connections are for the motor wires, VSS is ground, and VDD is the positive voltage supply.

4. The 4CH-RC system also comes with 4 output wires colored Blue, White, Green, Yellow. Including a red and black wire for power, these need to be connected to a 12vdc power source, only 500mA source is required for this. You'll use only blue/white or green/yellow to control the track actuator leaving the other two wires for another funciton if you like.

5. Wire connections to Relays as shown in the diagram, some wires will have to be either split, or use a jumper wire to make extra connections.

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