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Electric Tonneau


1 Actuator placed in the middle behind the Cab


2. Two Actuators placed on either side to replace your gas shocks

Get the awesome custom look you have seen in all your classic/sport truck magazines. Electric Tonneau cover have been a customization secret for many years. With electric linear actuators you can have the same look many of the top rides possess with out the fabrication headaches. Don't be left out! Firgelli Automations Electric Linear Actuators with Mounting Brackets make installation simple and universal, so it can work for most models of cars and trucks. Firgelli Automations is not responsible for damage to your hood or vehicle by improper installation. Professional installation recommended. May require minor cutting or welding.

To decide on the stroke you need for the cover we suggest you measure in your vehicle the open and closed positions of where you will attach the actuator/s. The difference in that dimension will tell you the stroke of actuator that you need. Secondly you need to work out what force you need from the actuator, to do that try to open and close the cover by hand at the point where you will be attaching the Actuator/s. This will tell you if the force is under 100lbs or over. Then choose the force actuator based on this. Our force options can be seen on the left navigation bar called "Low force, Standard force, Standard speed, and high force"

If you are using 1 actuator on one side, you may also need to use a gas shock on the other side to equalize the force, or add 2 actuators, (1 on each side). Deciding on weather you need 1 or 2 actuators will depend on how flimsy your hood is

Here is what you need to order for this project:

  1. One linear actuator, or 2 depending on how flimsy your cover is, use instructions above to work out what you need
  2. Mounting brackets, one on each end, these brackets allow the actuators to rotate around the bracket, which is what you need.
  3. Manual rocker switch for a dash mounted switch
  4. Or remote control
  5. LR12V Relay if you want to operate the hood by pressing the remote button once



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12" Stroke Tubular Actuator 150 lbs force
12" Stroke Tubular Actuator 150 lbs force
4" Stroke 110lb Force Linear Actuator

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